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 In response to the COVID measures,  

we are offering both Telehealth Sessions through Video or Telephone.

In-Person Sessions, Masks are Mandatory. 

Meet Our Team of Practitioners that Offer Services Throughout Alberta.

Leigh Sheldon

    I am an Indigenous Registered Psychologist and operate two practices, one in Slave Lake and another in Edmonton.  I Co-founded Aboriginal Psychological Services in 2017 and founded Leigh’s Counselling Services 2018. I have been practicing as a Registered Psychologist for over three years and provisional psychologist since 2013. 

    I specialize in Indigenous Psychological Services. My research as a Masters student at City University of Seattle focused on providing counselling services to Indigenous Peoples. My supervision included best practices for counselling Indigenous  peoples, as well as trauma and addictions with high risk youth. My practice has allowed me to work with array of clients. I have experience in culturally diverse populations and clients with clinical disorders. Furthermore, experience with grief and loss, trans-generational trauma, identity and sexuality, substance abuse and dependence and multiple forms of abuse. Even though I specialize in Indigenous Psychology, it has given me the tools to counsel non-Indigenous groups as well as other culturally diverse populations. Currently, enrolled in Somatic Attachment Second Year, Somatic Experiencing Training Beginner Level. My experience has allowed me to offer consultation, staff training, clinical supervision and student internships.

Leigh Anne Sheldon is a Registered Psychologist and a member of the Swan River First Nation in Kinuso, Alberta.  She is the Founder of Leigh's Counselling Services and Indigenous Psychological Services. Two Practices created to serve a wider range of demographics. 

Ms. Sheldon has been working with Indigenous Peoples as a Counsellor and Education Consultant for fifteen (15) years. Part of her work as a Registered Psychologist is helping Indigenous Peoples.   

Laurie Escott


       I am currently a Yorkville University counselling of psychology intern with Leigh’s Counselling Services.  I also work as an addiction counsellor and have been in that role for the past five years.  My experience includes working with children, youth and their parents over the last twenty-one years in the field of prevention and intervention.  Over the years I have volunteered at the Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network, the Ma’mowe Community Advisory Board, Community Solutions to Gang Violence and as an in-school mentor at Ben Calf Robe.

       I have experience with  trauma-informed practice and draw from attachment-based theory while using a strength-based approach.  I have a passion for supporting others as they work through any distress or challenges that they may be experiencing.  I truly believe that every person is the expert of their own life and I am fortunate to be able to enhance and build on the tools that that they already have. 

    When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and numerous nieces and nephews.  I also love to read, play word games, craft, go for walks and practice yoga.

Sarah Gallagher 

Registered Provisional Psychologist 

     Sarah is a Registered Provisional Psychologist in the province of Alberta. She works with children, youth, and their families. Sarah takes an attachment-based approach to her practice and recognizes the importance of healthy attachment relationships in a young person’s life.  

    Currently, Sarah is in the first year of her Somatic Experiencing training and the first year of Somatic Attachment training. She has training in play-based approaches and is a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma professional.  Sarah also has received training in Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has many taken many courses related to children’s mental health.  ​

     In addition to her clinical trainings, Sarah has received extensive training, education, and been given knowledge in Indigenous cultures, practices, customs, and traditions. She has been working with Indigenous people for many years.  

Sarah approaches her therapeutic relationships from a client-centered perspective and believes that each individual person is the expert on their own lives. She listens to their story from a nonjudgmental empathetic position. She works to help people find their inner strength and resilience and empower them to use their inherent skills to create their best life.

Qualifications include:

Supervision with Attachment and Play therapy.

Indigenous Cultural Training

Somatic Attachment Practitioner

Somatic Experiencing Beginner level

Sean Bodie 

Mental Health Therapist 

     Sean Bodie is an educator and therapist with long experience and training in intercultural relations. With extensive knowledge of the history of trauma experienced by Aboriginal peoples in Hawaii, North America and Japan, Sean is able to counsel First Nations clients from a unique perspective, using the best of modern counselling practices. Sean is a proud father to a large, blended family. He has advanced degrees in Education and Counselling Psychology and is a former business consultant with broad life experience. This experience includes living in 4 countries and growing up in a fanatical religion which he had to leave as an adult. Seans' unique path helps him comprehend many issues facing individuals, families and organizations. With his experience working with Indigenous peoples from Japan, Hawaii and Canada, he offers a holistic approach. 

   He has experience in various modalities including Solution-Focused Therapy, EMDR, Cultural Competency Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.